Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are tiny brown insects that feed off the blood of animals and humans. These small bugs can enter your home in a variety of ways. Once inside, they hide in clothing, furniture, and in the walls. These pests enjoy living in your mattress, box spring, and bed frame. These nocturnal creatures are most active when you are not, and while you sleep, they attack.

As you slumber these tiny blood-suckers make a feast of any exposed flesh. They bite your skin and can nourish themselves on your blood for up to ten minutes. Except for a slight itch, the bed bug's bite goes mostly unnoticed.

There's more to preventing bed bugs than keeping your home clean. These insects thrive in both clean and filthy homes. So if you need bed bug treatment in Cincinnati, contact the professionals at Arab Termite and Pest Control.

Experience Personalize Pest Removal

For more than 86 years, we've provided individualized pest control services to the residents of Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Each of our trained exterminators is licensed, bonded, and certified to work in both states.

At Arab Termite and Pest Control, we begin by locating infested areas. This allows us to thoroughly treat these areas and prevent the spread of infestation. Once we have identified the problem areas, our technicians use state-of-the-art technology to erase any trace of bed bugs from your home.

After our initial visit, our team will return to your home to provide subsequent treatments. This ensures your pest problem is gone for good.

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If your home is under attack from a bed bug invasion, take the steps necessary to fight back. When you need a bed bug treatment in Cincinnati, contact the experienced exterminators at Arab Termite and Pest Control.
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