Comprehensive rodent and pest control for Greater Cincinnati, OH

Pest control you can count on

A pest invasion inside your home or business is nothing to take lightly. At Arab Termite and Pest Control, we know this, and have been serving our neighbors in Greater Cincinnati, OH for years with the very best pest control services. No matter what kind of creature you're dealing with, we can take care of them quickly, and without chemicals that will be harmful to your family and pets.
Our experienced staff and Certified Sentricon Specialists of the Sentricon System are dedicated to providing excellent service. Along with ensuring that our practices are done right, we pride ourselves on our friendly interactions with all our clients. For complete pest-control solutions, speak to the experts. Call us and start living a life free of pests.
Woman playing with her son in a clean, pest free home

Professional and experienced

Arab Termite and Pest Control has been keeping Cincinnati families and homes safe from pests for years. Our rodent and pest control team of experienced professionals has seen a large variety of pest infestations, and successfully remedied each situation.
We’ll make sure that your pest problem is completely resolved .

Reliable service

Nothing is worse than waiting around all day for service that never arrives. At Arab Termite and Pest Control of Cincinnati, our pest and rodent control specialists are 100% reliable. We will always arrive at your home of office on time and get the job right the first time. If you have termites, you can finally get rid of them for good with the award-winning, scientifically proven Sentricon System. Call today for more details!

Friendly, professional service

Service with a smile is what you'll get from the Arab Termite and Pest Control of Cincinnati rodent and pest control team. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, clearly explain the situation, and provide you with a wide range of options.
Since we're here to help, we believe in keeping you fully informed of our progress and estimated time of completion.
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