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Protecting Your Cincinnati Home From Pests

Your house won’t feel like home if pests have moved in with you. Pests make your house feel uncomfortable and they also cause problems, like damaging your property and spreading diseases. When homeowners notice pests in their house, they’re often not sure of the best way to handle the situation. Is it better to wait it out in hopes that the pests will go away, buy some insect spray at the store to take care of it yourself, or call in the professionals?

Arab Termite and Pest recommends contacting us for your Cincinnati area home’s pest control needs. Pests won’t leave your house on their own, and DIY pest control methods rarely work and in some situations can make the problem worse. Our experienced professionals have been solving home pest problems for more than 90 years.

Our Home Pest Control

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In order to give you an accurate idea of what our services will entail and how much they’ll cost, we start our service by sending an estimator to your home to provide you with a free estimate. During our visit, we’ll inspect your property to identify where pests are spending time, where they’re coming from, how severe the infestation is, and how large your property is. We’ll present you with our findings, a plan of action to deal with the problem, and a quote for our services.

When you agree upon a treatment plan, our estimator will communicate that plan to your technician. Our technician will then put that plan into action, treating your home to address your active pest problems. Our initial treatments are typically more intense, as they are designed to eliminate pest problems before moving to a maintenance schedule that prevents pests from returning. We’ll recommend a follow-up schedule that takes your home’s pest control needs into consideration. Monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly treatments are available.

How Our Process Works

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Our estimator will come to your home to inspect the interior and exterior. We look for pest activity, how they’re getting inside, how big your house and property are, and how widespread the infestation is so that we can develop a treatment plan that will take care of your pest problems.

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Our initial treatments are in-depth and designed to take care of your active pest problems. We’ll treat interior and exterior locations based on your home’s needs and on the treatment plan we develop after our inspection.

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Follow Up

Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly services help maintain the control of any insect issue. When done at the recommended interval, your pest control issue is much better maintained. We will recommend the treatment schedule that would work best for your house and situation.

Our Other Home Pest Control Services

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If you need pest control for a specific pest species, we offer several treatment options that might meet your needs. Learn more about them below and by visiting our service pages.

Ant Control

Ants may seem harmless, but they can be a problem when they get into your house. Our experienced professionals can determine if you have an ant control issue and if so, will take care of it for you.

Bed Bug Control

Although bed bug bites aren’t considered dangerous, they are extremely unpleasant and unwanted. If you have bed bugs in your house, let Arab Termite and Pest get rid of them for you with our bed bug control services.

Rodent Control

If you see one rodent in or around your house, it’s highly likely that there are more hidden away somewhere. Don’t let them destroy your house and put your family at risk. Arab Termite and Pest can protect your house from rodents.

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects can make it hard to enjoy the time you spend out in your yard. If you’re having an issue with wasps, hornets, or other stinging insects, we will help take care of the issue with stinging insect control.

Termite Control

Termites can destroy your house without you even knowing about it. If you have any reason to believe that termites are active in your house, or if you want to make sure they never are, our termite control services can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Arab Termite and Pest has been serving Cincinnati since 1962 and we’ve been in business since 1929. That means we have more than 90 years of pest control experience. We are also a research-based company that stays up-to-date on the most effective technology, techniques, and methods in our industry so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

Trusted Pest Control For Your Home

Arab Termite and Pest serves thousands of homes with pest control solutions. With nearly a century of experience, we are committed to providing you with the pest control you need to make your house feel like home. Call now and find out how we can keep pests away for good.

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Very pleased.  They are very professional and responded extremely fast.  They eliminated all of bugs issues.  I highly recommend them and will use them again.

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