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Effective Termite Treatments For Your Cincinnati Property

Termites are some of the most prevalent pests on earth. For every human, it's estimated that there are 1,000 pounds of termites, which equates to millions of individual termites from hundreds of different species. That means here in the metro of Cincinnati, there could be several hundred million pounds of termites just waiting to get inside your home or business.

Avoiding these termite populations is easy with the help of Arab Termite and Pest. We’ve been in the business of termite control for more than 90 years, serving the people of Cincinnati, OH, with decades of combined experience. Our experts have dedicated themselves to developing innovative pest control treatments, all of which are designed to eliminate infestations in the most effective way possible.

Protect your home or business from wood-eating pests with the expert help of Arab Termite and Pest. We would be glad to offer you a complimentary estimate and book an inspection at your earliest convenience.

What To Expect From Our Termite Control Service

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While it’s true termites play an important role in maintaining our ecosystem, they’re nothing less than a menace when they get inside our homes. These pests cause more than five billion dollars in collective damage per year, which most homeowners' insurance policies refuse to cover at all.

When you need termite treatment for your Cincinnati home, you can rely on Arab Termite and Pest to protect the ones you love. Our Certified Sentricon® System Specialists can eliminate costly and destructive termite infestations with fast-acting solutions and low-impact products. As a professional service with a local feel, we’re immensely proud to maintain our title as the most trusted termite control experts in Cincinnati.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Just look at our termite treatment process yourself: 

  • Inspection: Our first step in the termite control process is to identify the active species around your home. We hunt for conducive conditions, scout for attractant factors, and look for obvious symptoms like mud tunnels and frass piles. If you have any questions about specific identification methods or want to discuss our termite inspection process, don’t hesitate to call us today and get your free estimate. 
  • Preparation: Your assigned technicians prepare themselves to apply termite treatments to your property. Here in the Cincinnati metro, the Sentricon® system is our preferred method of termite treatment. Designed by experts with years of experience, this low-impact system is designed to use termites' own behavior against them and eliminate entire subterranean termite colonies. You can also use the Sentricon® system to prevent termite infestations in the future. Thanks to its versatile installation options and heavily researched design, Sentricon® is an effective solution that you can feel good about using on your property. 
  • Application: With problematic termite colonies now completely identified, we can make regular Sentricon® applications around your home or business. You can trust that all our team members have your best interests in mind; after all, our termite control team members are Certified Sentricon® System Specialists. Each of our team members receives ongoing training and support from Sentricon® to help keep them up to date with cutting-edge termite control methods. 

You should never underestimate the dangers of termites, especially when discovering activity around your home or business. If you have noticed any signs of termites nearby, including damaged wood, mud tubes, or frass piles, don’t hesitate to contact Arab Termite and Pest for solutions right away. We'll take care of the problem on your Cinicinnatti property quickly and safely. 

Get Safe Termite Control For Your Home Or Business

You need more than just a cookie-cutter plan to defeat termite infestations for good. That’s why termite control programs from Arab Termite and Pest were designed with nothing but the best in mind. Our team operates throughout the Cincinnati area to provide cutting-edge services to customers, as well as environmentally conscious solutions that last the test of time.

The results of services from Arab Termite and Pest truly speak for themselves. Our termite control services have cleared thousands of homes of unwanted termites and colonies, helping home and business owners alike reclaim the properties they love. All this is done without bringing any harm to your health or the local environment. It’s the perfect way to protect your property without introducing new hazards to your habitat.

If you’re dealing with a termite infestation in your home or place of business in Cincinnati, OH, don’t hesitate to call Arab Termite and Pest today. We will come to your Cincinnati home or business to get rid of termites efficiently.

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